Based in Oakland's Fruitvale District, this cafe needed a website that reflected their dedication to community, healthy food and strong coffee.

The layout and site maps were created using Figma. The project was a collaboration with a web developer, the cafe owner, and myself. My designs were implemented by the developer.

I also designed a menu and a promotional booklet for the cafe.

As an organization that works with educators and young people to overcome trauma, I wanted to create a logo that conveys a sense of confidence.

Styling was also applied to slideshow presentations, where we designed and created several charts explaining curriculum and other concepts.

The intended audience for this website are young people and teens, the videos produced by Climate Woke needed a platform that felt interactive and easy to use.

The site was initially meant to be a single-page scroll, but quickly expanded to included pages for a video gallery and a behind the scenes gallery.

Screen capture of Creating Freedom Movement's homepage, this is part of my portfolio.

I designed this website is for an internship program. The website's objective is to direct visitors to an application form, and provide information for applicants.

With input from the client, I redesigned the website and helped them streamline their application process. The site graphics were provided by the clients.