I graduated from San Francisco State University, where I completed a double-major in Visual Communications(DAI) and Latina/o Studies.

Epsilon Pi Tau Honor Society student inductee.


I was a part of Select Start Studio, an Oakland, CA-based creative collective that worked with artists and businesses to develop their branding.

I was also a co-founder of Mirabot Technology Cooperative, where I was a worker-owner and the team designer for 3+ years.

About Me

My name is Daniel Arturo and I am graphic designer. Since 2011, I have provided design services for local business owners, artists, and non-profit organizations.

My love with design began with printed materials; this lead me to create logos, branding, and various printed materials for clients. Eventually, I began working with content management systems and providing websites using WordPress and Drupal. I am now a mid-level designer with an affinity for UX. I value design projects that are culturally, politically, and socially relevant to my clients and their audiences.

Currently, I live in Long Beach, CA where I share a home with my partner, our two kids, and a lucky dog.